In order to have a logo embroidered, a stitch file must be created. Most designs can be embroidered, but first it needs to be converted into a format that is accepted and readable by the embroidery machine. We call this process digitizing. The digitized file tells the embroidery machine where, how and which colors to use while stitching. Not all designs or logs are embroidery friendly because they were originally designed for print.

Not all embroidery digitizing is created equal. Embroidery digitizing can make or break a project before you ever lay thread to fabric. We offer professional digitizing here at Pat’s Creative Stitches. Some contract embroiderers offer “free” or “cut-rate” digitizing to their customers, but we feel that this practice is not conducive to providing clients with the best quality work. And once your art work is digitized we keep the emb. file for our production use. We do our best to protect the integrity and location of the files but cannot be held responsible for storage of your files. Your embroidery file can be sent by email for a ten dollar fee upon request.

There are many things to consider when choosing an embroiderer:

  1. What is the quality of their work?
  2. Can they handle big orders in a timely fashion?
  3. Will your items receive the same attention no matter the size or quantity of the order?  We give the same attention to every order no matter the size!
  4. Are they dependable and have your order done when promised?
  5. Do they have sample items to look at before you place your order?
  6. Do they provide a list of past customers?

We provide excellent service from Texas Hill Country to the Texas Coast, however we also have customers located from California to the Florida coast lines that we proudly ship to.



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